I have 3 V3 & 3 V2 Cameras .... V3s are much slower getting to Live view

I did switch out the wall adapter to a 2a & it has decreased the time to view … otherwise it is painfully slow getting a live view on my cams. I have 3 V2s & 3 V3s. .25a is not enough! Why do my V2s pop up instantly?

I just tried this several times. The V3 displayed faster than the V2. This is on a group view.

This is on live stream. What is group view?

Cheers, Jon

Group view is when you have several cameras setup in a group. You click the group to live view all of the cams in that group at the same time instead of clicking on a single cam to view just that one cam’s live feed.

The unfortunate thing about groups in the WYZE app is all of the live feeds drop to SD. Whereas if you continue to view your cams individually the live feed can be viewed in HD.

For the record, I don’t use groups for the reason above. I have three v2’s and one v3. In my case, the v3 live view is faster than the v2 live views.