I have 3 cam's on a 4 license and 2 on a 2 license need to move 1 to other license? how?

i have 5 cams with 3 on 1 license thats says it is a 4 cam license and 2 cams on a 2 cam license. they have different active dates. i want to move 1 cam from the 2 license to the 4 license and just have the 5 th cam on 1 license. how do i do this??? the 4 license expires next feb 2023 the 2 license cam has just expired and i just want to renew it for 1 cam so i have the 4 cam license with 4 of my cams and then a 1 cam license for the 5th cam???

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To do this, you will go to the 2 cam license that contains the assigned cam that you want to move over to the 4 cam license bundle (Account>Services>CamPlus). You will click the cam that you are moving, then click “unassigned”.

Next, go to the 4 cam licence where you see one open unassigned license, click the blue link and click on the cam that you had just unassigned from the previous 2 cam license. You should then see this cam populated as the 4th cam under the 4 cam license bundle.

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