I had high hopes for this product

I was excited about WYZE and started to purchase the cams
then I was going to to the Home monitoring but there was a big discrepancy in pricing between the home starter kit and the build your setup. When I went to order the start up kit it said “Out of stock”
Ok no biggie it happens then I wanted to get the Pan tilt cam, Also out of stock (in this day it happens alot)

So I called to talk to someone about how I should do this, the first time I called I got the recording pressed the number sat on hold for 35 minutes then it hung up on me.

Second time I called I kept getting a message that it was after hours (when it wasnt)
Then I went back in shopping and saw that the Door cam pro and pan tilt were back in stock so I went to order the home kit, But it wasnt there the web site now was going to the build your own and the price went up $5.00 Now its not the money its the fact there was no indication for us newbiees the price was going to change like that and I would have gotten in on the old price had the items been instock

but with out them I couldnt get the monitoring service because there was nothing to Monitor.
So I called again, this time I get someone after exp[laingin everything I get put on hold for a supervisor
then after 10 minutes I get told we have none avalible But I have your info and one will get back to you. We cant tell you when but give us some time. So I wait for a couple of weeks and nothing.
Today I called again and guess what??? The excat same thing I am told to wait and one will eventually get back to me can any one say Dejavu

well I guess its ok I just need to start looking at the other products on the market.
I really wanted this to work