I guess settings vary between IOS and Android Wyze Cams

I was helping my Dad set up his Wyze V3 cam over the phone and noticed he was missing a setting in the advanced settings. I asked, “How could your Wyze app be different form mine?” I figured I would check it out on my next visit. Afterwards I realized he uses an iPhone while I use an Android. Crazy that the app could be different between IOS and Android. (We both verified we have the latest versions and all of the updates.) I should have used TeamViewer to screenshot his phone. I trust my Dad, after asking twice if he was sure.

Over time, there have been a few differences from time to time. Since you highlighted the the Night Vision settings (I assume from your camera), my guess is that your Dad had Night Vision itself (the setting right above your highlight) to OFF. If Night Vision is OFF, then the Night Vision settings are not there.


@ssummerlin K6CCC is correct. This is iOS off and on.


Thank you both. I will check on my next visit.

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