I don't understand the webcam thing

Can someone please guide me on this? The webcam is currently useless as I can’t figure out how to change camera source on Zoom. Does this webcam work on sites like YouTube? Please advise as I have a few hours to test this today. Thanks.

I made the mistake of doing this on my pan cam. I guess there’s no way to pan the cam around though is there?

Just to add: I am currently testing this on YouTube. Private stream at the moment til I see how it works but as most of you know, if I can get it to work anyone can lol

Well it does work on YouTube but sadly sitting in front of the cam talking is considered copyright infringement. Not sure how or why. I didn’t even have any music or tv going

Whose copyright are you infringing lol

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A guy I watch a lot on YouTube (he builds model aircraft) tells a story about the time YouTube suspended his account for “copyright infringement”. Turns out in the background of a few of his more recent videos was a neon advertising sign he had acquired. One he moved it off camera all was right again! No idea if it’s true but it makes a good story!

I have no idea I just sat in front of the cam and stated I was testing the firmware (didn’t even mention Wyze). I looked in the background and there was nothing that showed a product with product name. So who knows.

Ah YouTube put the video back on. Maybe it was a glitch? I disputed it and maybe they took a look at it a 2nd time. Sometimes they are weird like that. I had a photo of Treasure and Sopdet (2 of my cats) laying in the grass and YouTube removed it for not getting permission of the person to use. haha

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Next time I would send them a copy of an authorization form with your cats signatures


Haha I’ll keep that in mind lol

I still cannot figure out how to enable this in the recommended sites like Zoom or Skype. The instructions are not very clear and if someone can guide me I’d appreciate it. BTW: I don’t want to pay out to use those sites. So I don’t know what to do.

Any idea how to set up this webcam in Skype? I keep getting an error that cam is not detected. It works in YouTube so I know it is connected.

Unfortunately I do not as I have not set up the webcam yet and I honestly don’t use Skype much, I will see if I can round up a cable soon so I can try it out.

I am in a similar boat. I have the cam but I don’t use Skype or Zoom. It works fine with FaceTime on a Mac. And with Teams from Microsoft.

How do you get teams to work? I don’t have a business nor am I in school and I keep getting directed back to Skype. I"m on a PC and not a Mac so Face Time not available as far as I know for that.

Microsoft has made Teams available to anyone during the crisis. See link below. But I am not sure who you are trying to connect with? As far as making it work I just followed the instructions to install it, then plugged the camera in. I used it for a group video chat for a project I was working on.

Yea that’s the one that keeps sending me to Skype though. Sorry I’m so stupid. I’m trying to connect with relatives in California and I’m in Missouri.

I’m still only given 2 options: Connect with my business or connect with my school. :frowning:

I don’t think it’s your fault that sounds like something in the way teams is setup. Skype and Teams are both owned by Microsoft and I will be the first to admit they can be confusing.

For PC use maybe you can look at Google Hangouts? Or Google Duo?

I just wish I didn’t use the Pan Cam for the webcam. Don’t know what on earth I was thinking and I"m too tired to switch over to one of the V2s. Ugh

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Maybe they saw it was ‘grass’ and not ‘grass’.