I don't see the options to record to SD

I went to advanced settings/store and don’t see any option for recording to SD on the Outdoor camera. I do see the options on my V3 camera.

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Unfortunately, the outdoor cam doesn’t have this ability. The standard 12 sec event clips are stored to the cloud server.

Due to battery limitations, there is no continuous recording on the outdoor cam to the mSD card.

You can schedule a recording and schedule a time lapse, but there is no continuous recording to the mSD card like the other Wyze cams.


I’m not asking for continuous recording – event recording would be fine. As the clips get uploaded they could be cached on the SD.

The segments in the cloud are very painful – they download extremely slowly and one at a time. Even better would be to store the clips on the base station.

Or, can someone add the 10 lines of code to implement “download all” and increase the utility of the outdoor camera by 10x?

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That not currently supported and it’s on the #wishlist!
Outdoor Wyze Cam Local Storage Recording Triggered From Motion Altert

Under Event Recording is the option to “Back up to Base Station”

I dont believe this is what you’re looking for though, as it just backs up the 12 second clips (not compatible with camplus events) and the only way to view is to remove the sd card from the base station.