I don't have a camera working wyzecam2

I don’t have a camera working wyzecam2. Changing the card didn’t help. Bought 32 gigabyte micro sd card.Didn’t help, same.I live in Baku, Azerbaijan.Help if you can.

What is or is not working?

The camera works. Cam plus doesn’t work. View Live Stream don’t working.

When turned on, the camera needs to access Wyze servers over the internet in order to start up. Cameras also need a good internet connection to use Cam Plus. Maybe the government is blocking access to the Cam Plus services.

I, where I used that year, there were no problems.I have broadband internet.

Numbers are better than many US ISPs.

Fire up a VPN to see if Wyze has country-level blocking set up?

how to exit beta testing of the program. I have not received beta testing