I don't believe it, they fixed my doorbell

I posted a while back about my doorbell that would randomly reset its schedule, disabling itself almost every day. A firmware update cleared that right up. Works perfectly now!

So I’m going to take this opportunity to say that in the few months I’ve had this tiny little doorbell I don’t think I’ve seen one false alarm. I’m sure it’s happened I just can’t recall it. I rely on that doorbell like it’s an infrared motion sensor, it just a matter of fact that it’s going to catch you.

Obviously the AI might not always be right in determining vehicles or packages or whatever but it NEVER records anything unless a person has walked somewhere between my door and about 20 or 30 feet out. It’s very good at ignoring the traffic and recording people. I can just scroll the event thumbnails and see who’s coming and going without even watching the videos. All the notifications show a good photo of the person as they are right in front of the camera. Very rarely get a notification where the person is out of view. It actually starts the recording BEFORE the person comes into view but it takes the snapshot when they’re front and center. The videos load up good too. It’s just a pretty dang pleasurable experience for 40 bucks.

Not to mention the footage has good clarity and color. The little thing just looks cool too. The button is huge and the white light is soft and blurry so it doesn’t bother you. Just enough light to see your keys but really helps with the night vision.

The chime is tiny but they really cranked the juice because I can hear it all over the house. Adjustable volume and ringtones. And plug it in anywhere? Great idea that I didn’t think I would appreciate as much as I do. I should buy another chime for my room just because I can.

Overall I highly recommend it. It needs to be in Home Depot for sure. It gives you so much for the price. 15 bucks for 1 year of nonstop cloud recording is a no brainer. Thanks so much.