I did not know Wyze Cams/Sensors Can Do This

I just got this email from Wyze. How do I get notified if I forget to feed the dog or leave garage open?

The garage door is easy – put a entry sensor on the door, and set a rule that if the sensor stays open a certain amount of time, notify you.

I don’t know the specifics they had in mind for forgetting to feed the dog, but you can use the same technique – put the dog food in a cabinet that only has dog food (so you don’t open it for other reasons), then put an entry sensor on it, and say if it hasn’t been opened in x hours, remind you. If you have opened it, it will be logged to remind you when you last did that. :slight_smile:


So nothing new here. I thought they might be introducing some of AI features they were showing off in a video a couple of months ago.

That would be cool. :slight_smile:

But the app there is showing an entry sensor.