Hub for Pan Cam- was it just a Beta thing?

Hi all,

I seem to remember a couple years ago, after I bought my Cam Pan, and when the sensors where released, that there was a hub that fit into the port in back on the Cam Pan. Do they still make this? I can’t find it anywhere. It would be nice to have a tiny hub for a couple sensors vs the big hub.

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That was the Sense v1 bridge, which is replaced by the Sense v2 hub and sense v2 sensors. This is sold in the app shop now… Plus there are add in sensors sold individually as well.


Thanks! Man, that’s what I was worried about… I should have jumped on that bridge when I saw it :sob:

Just so you don’t feel too bad about this, the PanCams had a power problem with the bridge that made them unreliable.

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