How to view recording

How to view recording please on V2 on Android app? So it’s obvious right, go to the play back, go to the timeline and choose the recorded blue part… However 2 issues

  • often the blue parts are too small and I can’t zoom into them to get to the beginning of the recording accurately

  • I created this thread because my problem is that I am just on the blue part and it still says no recordings.

The recording should be of my anti social neighbour being loud, and seeing him slam the door twice hard. I need this evidence asap for ongoing dispute of him doing this at night and waking me up on purpose, however I can’t even see the recording.

I notice that the cam (which is in the peep hole) has slipped down, in case you noticed. It may of happened when he slammed the door. I know that the camera picks up sound ok usually between it will record if it hears someone in the communal hallway near the door.

The camera was definitely set up to record.
Can someone please just go through all the checks with me where I find this recording. There is nothing in the album folder which makes me think it did not record, but the line is blue?

Just checked to see when this issue started and the other playback
is working fine. About an hour before it works and is also very small blue lines that I can’t zoom into and can’t get from the start properly because of this.

Try putting two fingers on the timeline and ‘zooming’ out, you should be able to make the timeline so the increment are smaller so it is easier to get to the small events

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To add to what @WyzeJasonJ said, pinch in and out on the timeline to increase or decrease the time scale.

The pictures above here, and all but the very last picture you posted are of the cameras local storage. The “event recording” settings page is actually for the cloud recording settings. The settings there do not effect the local storage, only what shows as far as cloud clips under the “event tab” in the app. The local storage settings are in settings, advanced settings and are posted at the top.

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In this situation, and your “cursor” being infront of the event, you can hit the “next event” arrow and be transported to the begining of the well, next event.

Change recording to continuous. Does not help for past events, but eliminates the problem for future events.