How to trigger floodlight from inside?

When floodlight is set to auto and someone inside wants to see outside, what means are there to turn it on, on request? Can you use Google Home/Alexa? Must you find a phone & use the Wyze app? Can another Wyze device inside the house be setup to trigger it On? (via a cam/sensor, watch, etc)

If it’s not available via Google Home/Alexa… that seems like a high priority feature, no? Kinda a requirement for me.

thanks for any info

Hi @TechJunkie,
You can turn the Floodlight On and Off using the Double, Triple, or Press and Hold options on the Wyze Switch.

You can create a On/Off shortcut for the flood light and use the shortcut option on the Wyze Watch.

It’s been awhile since I have used my Wyze Band so I am not 100% sure if the Band is an option at this time, but I am 80% sure you can use the shortcut on there as well.

You could also use a Wyze Contact Sensor and rules “When Open turn on / When Closed Turn Off” and treat it like a on/off “switch”.

Alexa/Google Home: I do not see any routines at this time or settings in Alexa to be able to turn On/Off the floodlight, and do not have Google home to speak to that platform.

Hope this helps


Absolutely, thank you! I appreciate all the current & thorough info

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If you use a short cute rule or use an additional control on the switch , the floodlight will only be on for less than a minute.

The only way you can keep the floodlights ON, is by having to go into the floodlight settings and switching the floodlight control to ON.