How to transfer saved album to computer

Hi, If anyone knows, How to transfer saved album to computer or laptop? Thanks

When you save stills or video on your phone, it goes into an album named Wyze. Is that the album you’re referring to?

If that’s what you’re asking, then the answer depends very much on what phone model and operating system you are using. The question would apply to transferring any photo album on your phone to a computer, and you’d probably be better off asking it on an Android or Apple iOS support forum, as the case may be.

Yes, it from the Android app. ( album saved on Android app) , Also Do you know, If there is any way to watch live stream on Ubuntu??


I’m not an Android user, so I have no idea how you transfer an album from Android to computer. But I would think it’s something you could find easily by Googling it.

Re watching the live stream on Ubuntu… the only way at this time would be if Ubuntu is capable of running an Android app (either Wyze or TinyCam). Is there an Android simulator that runs on Ubuntu? Again, Google is your friend.

I can think of two ways to transfer your saved album to your computer.

  1. Connect your phone to your computer with a USB cord. Make sure to set the USB mode to transfer files. Find the phone in Windows explorer and then navigate to the folder with the album. Copy and paste to your computer.
  2. Using the app on your phone navigate to the album. Click the video or picture and then click on the "Share" button. Click on "Upload to Photos". On your computer go to the Google photos web page and download the video or picture to your computer.
Method 1 will be much faster if you have a lot of items to copy over. Method 2 is nice because now your items are safely backed up to the cloud. Another benefit of method 2 is that you can now easily cast the videos to your TV using the Google photos app.

When connecting Phone with USB Cable to PC, Windows Explorer does not show Videos saved in Album of Wyze App (none of the Folders under the Wyze Folder have content of Album). My Phone has Android 8.1.0, Wyze App 1.5.82

They are showing up for me in the folder shown below. The full path is “This PC\Pixel 2 XL\Internal shared storage\Wyze\Camera\Video”. I’m on Android 9.


That Folder is Empty on my Cell, the Full Path is “This PC\SAMSUNG-SM-J727A\Phone\Wyze\Camera\Video” (attached is Image).

So is problem with Android Version, or something else?

You have Version 9, I am using Version 8

I checked my tablet on Android 7.1.1 and the videos are also present. This PC\Lenovo Tab4 8 Plus\Internal shared storage\Wyze\Camera\Video

Does your phone have an SD card inserted?

The SD Card has the following Folders (attached is Image):








DCIM only has Photos/Videos taken with Camera of Phone.

“Files” has files I have downloaded to Cell.

The “Android\Data” Folder has 99 Folders, none of them say Wyze