how to tell if tasks on or off


Just got my first Wyze, so I imagine I am overlooking something simple. I set up a task, Home, with motion detector off. It works fine, and I see when I press it it says execution successful.

What I don’t see is a way to tell if home is on or off. Nothing seems to show that - am I missing something? So to be sure, I have to switch and then move to make sure it goes on or off as I want.




Each task accomplished one function or a series of function steps. But a task button is not an on/off switch. So you will need to create on task that turns off motion detection and a separate task that turns on motion detection. Each of those tasks can handle the job for one or more cameras.

To see if a task was successful, you would need to go to the cameras settings (tap the gear icon on the live stream), then Alert Settings.

Thanks Rick

Some followups

If I only have one device, it seems the advantage of tasks is doing 2 things at once, like upload a video and turn on camera.

I gather there is no way to turn off sounds on all devices in a single task.

I have the sound on, and it records sound alert and I get notification, but when I play back I don’t hear anything.

Re the task, turn camera on and restart camera, what is the difference??


thanks much

Even if you only have one camera, one other (small) advantage of shortcuts is that you can put a function (eg. turning off motion detection) at the top of the front page, one button, so you don’t have to dig into a menu to accomplish it.

They did not, for some reason, put sound control as one of options for shortcut actions. However, I’ll add that request to Wyze’s feature request tracker. Perhaps someday they will add it.

Turning the camera off temporarily disables streaming, stops recording to the microSD card, stops all alerts/notifications, etc. Restart on the other hand is a reboot of the firmware, same as if you unplugged and replugged the camera.

If you are not hearing sound, make sure (of course) that your phone volume is turned up and make sure the Wyze app has the appropriate permissions. Check the troubleshooting guide found under Support at the top of this page. If that doesn’t fix it, you should file a support ticket from within the app.



is there any reason not to use the HD mode all the time?

Reasons not to use HD:

  1. Your home internet upload speed is slow so the connection is flakey on HD, but better in SD
  2. You want to conserve data usage, either on your home ISP or on your mobile device (especially if the mobile device is using cellular data)