How to supress motion video being sent to some users

How can I prevent motion video from being sent to all users with the app that have access to the cameras. One user just wants to be able to view live video from time to time but does NOT want to be sent all the motion videos that show up in Events. One user DOES want all the motion videos sent. If there is no way to do this, can the one user who just wants to view live video from time to time do so in another way? from the web site?

Currently there is no way to change that setting to be different for each shared user. There is a #wishlist item for this that is currently in the researching phase.

Currently you can not view on the website either, but they are actively working on that. Here is the entry on the #roadmap.

You could change the notification sound to none or silent on that users device to be less annoying to the user that doesn’t want notifications, but they will still be there and just not make the notification sound.