How to setup TinyCam with Wyze Cam - View in browser / TV



is it possible to use the Wyze camera and TinyCam on an android device for live stream only where both are connected to the same wifi router but the router has no internet access?

I am trying to create a portable baby cam setup with a small wifi router, an android device and a Wyze V2, but some of the places I am going (AirBNBs, etc.) I won’t be able to add my router to their internet.

I will set up everything (and use static IPs, etc.) in advance, while the travel wifi router is connected to internet.

Basically, i want to use this as a local-only, offline monitor.

Will it work, or do the Wyze cameras require an internet connection, even if I am using a different app to view the live stream on a local network?

Wyze Cam requires internet even when using an app other than the Wyze app (Tinycam). The only way around that would be a custom firmware like OpenIPC that supports RTSP. RTSP or real time streaming protocol is a protocol standard that allows you to stream video feeds on your local network with the need for the cloud.

Are you supposed to get sound On PC with Tiny Cam while running server? Because I don’t .

I have sound while on the tablet

Thanks. VERY dissapointing that Wyze would not allow RTSP. I only know about RTSP because I bought this cam to use on an internal network and when it wouldn’t, ended up doing a lot of research and learning about ONVIF, RTSP, etc. which all seem like basic industry standards.


Shame Wyze does not allow their use, but I guess the real business model is trying to sell subscriptions to their cloud, not cheap cameras.


Into a drawer this thing goes until RTSP/ONVIF is implemented.


(I also learned about the OpenIPC project, but since there is no auto-switching yet for night/day, it only kind of works for me…)


Thanks again for the reply, much appreciated!

You obviously have not done your research, Wyze Does not sell subscriptions to their cloud,


If they start that, might bring me back and I would totally come back for a paid tier. Tinycam had such a delay in starting the recording it was useless to me. If it takes 6-8 seconds from motion for Tinycam to start recording, the event is potentially over in my case.

You’re beautiful. Thanks for the writeup, works perfectly

Does audio stops working for everyone when you try to watch the same camera on the multiple devices?

If I watch it on a single device (tinycam is closed on the other devices) then audio works with no issue.

Anything that works with a Mac?


I have heard that Tiny Cam might work On a Mac With an Android emulator Such as Bluestacks or NOX

Works Great, I got the TinyCam Pro free through Amazon Apps



Thanks for creating the instructions for setting up TinyCam App. I got my initial camera set up (Pan) and will come back here for more details. Much appreciated.

Thanks for this doc. Worked perfectly to setup my 3 Wyzecams, on the first try.

5 Wyze Cams streaming Simultaneously on phone and TV using TinyCam



Tinycam black Friday sale. $1.99.

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I’ve been all over trying to find help on this issue. tinyCam Pro user with 3 Wyze cams setup inside the app. Has anyone been able to view their cameras while on mobile or any other WiFi network other than the one the cameras are setup on? Everything works great while home but nothing while on mobile. Cameras have latest firmware, each one has it’s own channel in tinyCam. I don’t know what else to do.

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Press ‘Add’ button in Account tab. Select ‘Wyze Cam’ as ‘Camera type’ and enter your Wyze login and password. Change camera number if you have multiple Wyze Cams.

As a member of the Wyze team, please be aware that we do not have a partnership with TinyCam. As such, providing your user name and password is AT YOUR OWN RISK and is not recommended by Wyze Labs. [my emphasis]

I find this confusing. I’ve searched and it’s the only “official” statement I could find. Yet there seems to be implied Wyze approval of Tinycam/Wyzecam use. Clarification?


This is a community forum, and the community provides the information on how to use Tinycam and third party firmware with Wyze cams. Searching the support section on the Wyze website, there is NO mention of Tinycam or third party firmware. They support and develop only the Wyze products and app. I have never seen any Wyze employee endorse using Tinycam, or third party firmware with their products. Hope that helps! :slight_smile: