How to Setup Cam Detection to Trigger Hue Outdoor Lights (IFTTT or Alexa)

For a few years, my Cams would trigger Hue outdoor lights via IFTTT. Recently they stopped working properly, and the lights are being triggered all the time, not just after dark as originally setup. So I am requesting help again as there may have been changes in Cam FW, IFTTT or other things that I did not know about. I am an aware I can use IFTTT as a trigger sequence, and I have recently seen mention of Alexa as another option as well. I have (2) Cam v3’s and (2) Cam Outdoor.

One things that confuses me is how to setup cam rules the best way. For example, is it better to use rules turn motion detection (off or on at certain time), or just leave detection on all the times and turn notifications off/on as preferred?

I would appreciate any assistance in setting things up again. I want the Cam’s to trigger Hue flood and porch lights from 9 pm to 6 am.

IFTTT may be a problem. You can have it run from a device trigger or by time but not both. Alexa routines run from a device trigger but only during times you specify. Here’s one of my routines as an example:

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Excellent idea ! Does the cooldown timer on the cam affect these settings any? I assume it only affects how often the cam records.

Can’t really comment on the cool down period as I don’t use the cameras for motion detection. It would probably impact detection but if you leave the lights on for 5 minutes motion should trigger again.