How to reset ( re align to center) of the Wyze cam pan

I am going to fixed the Wyze cam pan to the wall with wall mount bracket.
I want to reset the camera looks straight before fixed to the wall, so that it will cover the front view and won’t look back to my wall when I do pan scan.
Please help.


Mount the camera so that the USB connect is facing the wall. The default position will be opposite that. Then set up Pan Scan to include only waypoints that don’t face the wall. here are instructions:

I have set the position & set waypoints as instructed. It still faces the wall and stops detecting within a few hours. This keeps happening. What do I do to fix it? Has it ever worked for anyone?

Hi, @jvgator! I recommend contacting the Official Wyze Support Team. They will be able to help you with this issue on the Pan Cam. Submit a Request Here.

After you mount the cam pan you might have moved the defailted position, so try doing a hard reboot by unpluging the USB. Then reset the waypoints once more.
If you move the USB plug inputs direction or manually turn the cam you need to do the steps above in that order again.