How to remove pop up asking to enable auto switch

I can’t remove this pop up asking me to enable auto switch on the thermostat . I’ve turned it on and then off and it still persist

Any help here


Have you enabled location allowing it to clear the banner notification, then turned off the Auto Switch feature before disabling the location again?

What about your permission settings? Is the Wyze app allowed to access location all the time? That was required for mine to enable the Auto Switch.

I toggled them all around and couldn’t get that banner to appear.

What FW version and App Version?


Have you entered a location in the settings (below feature tips)?

I don’t think so. Remind me again how to do this ?

Not sure , still new to Android so Im like a lost kid here…

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What FW version and App Version?

FW : 1.2.1

And app version : v2.35.0 (88)


(Android) Long press the app icon → App Info → Permissions → Location → All the time

Then pull down your notifications tray from the top of the screen, one line of icons should appear. If the location button is there, highlighted is on, grey is off (depending on your color scheme). If it isn’t there, pull the tray down again to get the full notification drawer to find location. Turn it on.

Go back to the Wyze app and enable the Auto Switch close it, open it again and toggle it off. Close the app, disable location, open the app and test if it stops that message.

I have never seen that so it is a new one for me too.

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Looks like the pop up Is gone after I just toggled auto switch ON and then OFF

Thanks for the help as always Slab


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