How to remove Bitrate info on TinyCam display

How to remove Bitrate info from TinyCam display on a fire tablet

TinyCam is not run by Wyze and I have not used it so I am not sure if there is a way or not. Hopefully someone here who uses it will be able to give you an answer.

Thanks. I assume it is a setting somewhere on the TinyCam app. But where to look to find it.

BTW, I LOVE my Wyze cams V3

I use TCPro. My bitrate shows in the lower left with the other cam info.


It can be toggled by clicking the info icon thru the 3 settings for off, partial, and full info.


You post helped me “back into” the solution.
I tapped on the i and did not get the 3 options you mentioned since we have different versions of the TinyCam app. You have the PRO and I have the free version. Then I tapped on one of the other icon next to the i and it turned OFF the bitrate info.
THANKS for your reply to my problem/question.
It did, indeed, help me get to the solution.
This Wyze forum is GREAT.


Glad you found your answer! Post a screenshot of the button you used so other users with the same question can see the answer.

I got rid of all 10 of the Bitrate and Tasker stuff on the right side of screen by clicking on the BLUE icon in the row of icons at the bottom of the screen, They just disappeared.

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Ah yes! Different button. That is actually the manual bitrate and action command selector to manually change the bitrate, trigger the siren, or launch an action task routine. The one I posted earlier is the just the active display.

It is probably the same button on pro. It looks like it is in the same place order.