How to register a camera

where on the wyze web site I can register for a new camera purchased?

Can you provide a bit more info.

What to you mean Register a Camer?

Register with Cam Plus. or are you looking at where to buy a camera?

To register a new camera from wyze I purchased from amazon like when you register any new product for warranty etc.

You don’t, that’s not a thing with Wyze. If it’s defective or stops working, you contact wyze and provide them with your proof of purchase. You don’t register it right after purchase

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I got an email before about v4 from wyze to register it?

I have now v3? No registration?

I have installed many V4 Cameras, none of which I received an email about registering it. That may be something based on purchasing from Amazon. Would you be willing to provide a copy of the email?

As @trekgod3 indicated, there is no registration process for the Wyze Cameras.

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That’s new to me. I only have V3 and V2 cameras and have never registered any of them or been prompted to

When you add a device to the Wyze app, it gets everything Wyze needs to “register” it, including the mac address and the owner’s email. I see no need to register again.

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Do you work for wyze?

Just an FYI, you have been told in a couple of posts that individuals who work for Wyze will have Wyze in the user name like WyzeJasonj.

So anyone without Wyze in the beginning would not be an employee.

Is there a particular reason you are looking for a Wyze employee?