How to record 24/7?

I cannot figure out how to record 24/7. If I hit record it stops when I close the app. I see no setting for it. I have a 128GB card in it that works fine. I can record several days with that amount of space.

You are recording the live view to your phone’s gallery. That does stop when you leave the app.

The setting to turn on recording to the microSD card is a bit buried. Here’s how you find it:

  1. Tap the gear icon from the live veiw
  2. Tap Advanced Settings
  3. Tap Local Storage
  4. Flip the switch to turn on local recording
  5. Choose either event only or continuous

Now the camera will record to the SD card whether or not the app is active or connected to the camera.

To view what’s on the SD card, tap View Playback from the live stream view. Or you can remove the card from the camera and download the files directly.

Here’s the complete set of instructions:


But is there any way to download directly from the card while it is in the camera without playing it and recording while playing, thus creating an album?

No, that is not possible at this time. I wish it was, too.

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Here’s the Roadmap topic on that to hop over and vote for. Be sure the click the VOTE button at the top:

Hi I followed your instructions to have my Wyze 3 record 24/7 but when I go to the advance setting page, there is no “record to local storage” selection. When I start my cam to record 24/7, as soon as I leave the app the camera stops recording. I can find no way to record 24/7 with the ios iPhone app closed.

You don’t have a setting like this? Open the cam to live view>settings> advanced settings>record to Micro SD card. You need a good high endurance card for 24/7 recording. I’m using a 128 GB Samsung card.

You need a Micro SD card in the camera.

Hey there thanks for replying. Yes I do have those settings but here’s where my confusion was.
When I set those settings to continually record to the SD card 24/7, and then go back to live stream view to see the image I’m recording, nothing seems to be actually be recording from what I can see. If I hit the record button in livestream I then see the countdown start. If I go away from this page and come back to it, the recording has stopped. This is very confusing…,so.,

I spoke to tech Support and they explained to me that there are two separate types of recording - 1) live 24/7 recording to the SD card in the background and
2) recording the live stream to the cloud. Both are different and so didn’t realize this. My problem was once I started recording to SD card continually in the background, I could not see any indication anywhere on the app this is actually happening. They need to add something to the app to let you know that the camera is actually recording to the SD card and that is not the same as recording livestream. It was not obvious to me.

Thanks again for getting back to me.

The cloud recording is event recording which means it will record as long as motion continues and those video event files are saved on the Wyze server for 14 days. As you now know 24/7 continuous is saved on the SD card in the cam and be viewed via playback. You can also record from live view or playback using the record icon, those videos are saved in your phone photo/video album.