How to program Wyze to record a different schedule on weekdays than weekends.

I want it to record 5PM to 7AM on weekdays, and all day on weekends. How do I set this up? Thanks!

This would be a nice feature. Havent figured it out yet either.

Here is a thought, if you had a wemo switch that you could plug it into, then you can turn it off and on via a schedule…

Update: it could be wemo or almost any power block that you can control via an app supports schedules

The wemo switch is a great idea!

Brilliant. :slight_smile:

These have been on sale for as little as $16 a pair ($19 a pair now):

They are Alexa, Google Home and IFTTT compatible. Their app allows setting unlimited on/off events by time and day of week.

this is a feature i was looking for today, for exactly the same reason, get notified at certain times weekdays and all weekend.

Read the posts on setting up shortcuts. I did that same using that feature.

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