How to mount Cam v3 pro?

Came with a metal ring, a similar double sided sticky thing, and a couple of screws with plastic jackets but no instructions on how this should be assembled/mounted. Base of the camera is magnetically attracted to the metal ring. Where do I find instructions on how this mount works?

Lots of ways. If you are going to mount the camera where it can simply sit on a flat horizontal surface, just place it there. Quite a few of mine are just sitting on a flat surface. If there is a steel surface that the built in magnet can stick to, just stick to that surface. For example I have several that are attached to steel things (the breaker box in my garage, for example). If you need to mount the camera to something that does not have either of those two options, you can drill holes into something (a wall for example) and use that to mount the camera. If going into something like drywall, use the plastic anchors and then screw into them. Another option is to use the double sided tape to mount the supplied metal disk to some surface and then the magnet in the camera base can stick to the disk. I have a couple of those mounted to the inside surface of the windshield in my truck. Works fine.

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