How to making contact via email for assitance

How do I send a basic job request. It seems so hard to find how to do this on the app and on the web page. Its not the first time I have requested assistance, its as if maybe updates have been made.
Can someone tell me how do I request assistance or contact wyze for support. I rather not make a international call from Australia but that seems to be the only option.


Hi @Sirius20 and welcome to the Community.

Here is a work around. Pretend you have a Outdoor Camera problem when you go to the Contact Us link on the Open a Support Ticket Page.

Just fill in a silly complaint and continue with NO answers until you thru the questions. You’ll get to the eMail prompt to open a ticket.

I’ve copied this to @WyzeJasonJ
Please let me know by return if this solution works for you.

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You can try that little work-around @dr.know suggested to get a support ticket in via e-mail.

What issue are you having, while this is a user to user community there are a lot of bright people here that can help with some issues.


Thank you,
I did as suggested went to Submit a log on the account section in the app. Just received a confirmed ticket from wyze, so hope to clear the issue about some miscommunication I received on a previous enquiry a couple months ago regards person detection being removed.

well thought I had it sorted but when I submitted that log through the app in the accts section the actual confirmation email just told me that that area was not monitored.
Just tried going through to the orders and shipping area which had a email link so have sent them a email to assist me - hopefully, thanks

What is the person detection question? What camera was involved, legacy of or camplus? As much info will help if you want for the community here to help get an answer to your question.

What I needed clarifying was the communication I had with one of their support workers a few months ago, who said my person detection would remain as I was a early supporter ie. pre November 2019.
As I had tried to provide my card details to keep it active after getting emails that it was getting cut, he assured me it would remain. Now its gone and I am trying to get hold of someone. I have a ticket now so hopefully get some answers.

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Hi @Sirius20 There were a lot of people outside the conterminous United States having a problem with Sync due to a time zone error. This problem was especially evident in Hawaii, NewZealand and Australia.

There is a new beta test firmware to address the time zone problem. Not sure if it would also clear up Person Detection when it goes live.
Post here again in a week or so and let us know how its going with your ticket, either way.

Yep will do

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