How to Keep Your Cloud Video Recordings Free with Cam Plus Lite

fwiw, going on 2 weeks now, I still cannot signup for lite - it says I have it already, shows me my invoice from 2020 valid until 2069, but my cams no longer show me a PD event notification option - I have to toggle on motion notifications to keep getting the person notifications - at least PD and video remain functional but prior to the “lite improvement” I was able to toggle PD notifications on without the general motion notifications. Ya, I’m in a minority of users with this issue, but it has not been a simple 5 min exercise and has not made me any more apt to expand my wyze “arsenal” when/if I ever have a need.

I stopped the emails after the scale, colored bulb, lamp, nightlight, etc stuff for which I had no interest in hearing about, while the routine begging to subscribe to cplus just got irksome. So I wag’ed at some numbers - guess the actuals, if real, make it clear why, as another said in a different thread, wyze has had to resort to guilting or tricking lite subscribers to pay something.

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SD card can not be used to record video as an event. You get a snapshot of the event with an ad for Cam Plus.
I’ve got all my cams on continuous record now. And that doesn’t allow notifications on motion detection.
I don’t buy Cam Plus, because frankly, the system isn’t good enough. When on record on motion, or on person etc. The system just wasn’t reliable. I would get a hundred notices a day for all kinds of stuff. Lights on and off, bugs, animals and on and on. It’s just not worth paying a monthly fee to record garbage.

The events tab does not show you SD recordings. Never has. Those are where the cloud recordings go.

If you set your SD card settings to events only, then you can find those by clicking ‘view playback’ on the live view or by clicking to view the cloud event on the event page and then clicking view playback.

Yes, and my credit card was stored on the net as well. Thanks for the info though. I will look into it or get more SD cards.

By those number, it does not look like it went well. But, a “%” of some is better than “zero” percent of all.

Like said, I ignored emails as well. Maybe that is why the numbers are so low. But all the software updates, offers after previous purchases had problems, out of things when you go to order, etc.

Mind you I did like some of the offers. Just seemed like most did not do what I wanted. Heck I bought covid test (and do not believe in covid), temp probe for wife, masks a number of times (need them to go anywhere). And other stuff.

I also have MANY cams, sensors, lights, color lights, smart plugs, etc. All started with a great deal on a camera…

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Was about to give up again, but Towelkingdom’s post convinced me to try the SD card thing. Not putting a creditcard on this domain again, right now. I think it is probably already there…

BUT… The lights ON/OFF (and fans for me too) are random. I thought maybe if I signed up for cam plus it might fix that. But gave up before I did.

With the few times I go to look at cameras, there was always an update or a camera down. I know I can turn updates off, but I would think I would want working code. I quit spreading the word a long time ago.

I have been in electronics since the very late 70s. Have been a director and manager of R&D software and hardware. Now IT manager (getting old). I of course knew it was not me, but kept waiting for this to become stable.

If it would have let people record local, that would have taken the load off the servers and their IT group (my thoughts). Total control can sink you, and possibly add liability too. As they say, everyone can be replaced.

And not having a Window program/app (in a Windows world), and the need to load an Android emulator to see it on Windows. That hurts performance to the few that figured that out. Sort of like Win 11 will not run on most machines… With the prices through the roof and shortages, good luck to them too.

How’s the Cam Plus Lite transition going on the Wyze Facebook Core Community.… anyone?

About the same as here, better, worse?

I have zero familiarity with FB but my impression from occasional comments here is that there is um, less tolerance for dissent, or to frame it sunny, greater solidarity of support for the Wyze mission. Generally.

And there’s little if any cross-linking from here to there. And no screenshots of conversations, etc.

An FB Community is probably (substantially) larger than the ~100K User Names registered here, and probably a marketer’s dream compared to the cat herding feel on this board. Eh?


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For reference, below I’m talking about this ‘tier’ on the table created by the esteemed @carverofchoice

If you choose NOT to sign up for Cam Plus Lite at all…

And you have an SD card installed with recording ON…

You get thumbnail pics in the app’s Events tab list…

And tapping a thumbnail takes you to the expanded still pic…

And tapping the Playback icon there takes you to the recorded SD card video footage on the Playback timeline for viewing?

And on the table ‘Text Notifications’ means Android or IOS notifications generated by the Wyze app (without a thumbnail preview incorporated)… not SMS text notifications…



The FB group blew up with problems and disgruntled users - got so bad they started to apply a very heavy handed censorship both for excessively abusive complaint behavior as well as the excessively abusive wyze acolytes. Have not seen much regarding the cam lite since. More aggravating is I have not heard of any definitive solution to my acct problem.

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Hmm, no kidding? I guess Facebook users tend to be more, shall we say, average citizens, and the changes just aren’t that easy to follow, especially if you’re trying to dodge the guilt wall and get free service. So I suppose it’s not surprising that things are getting hairier there.

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I feel the exact same way. I no longer like my cams as much as I did seems like Wyze is becoming more about having you pay to have the camera’s operate as you like.i just want to access my micro SD card via the app and pull my footage.

Woe Bob, back it up and settle Down. Don’t go off on people because they want to access video stored on the SD card and forego the paid services. It’s called choices. If you want to pay for no commercials with your content, great, but some of us just want the basics to work as described .

The sd card recording was not affected by this change. Only the cloud recordings were affected.

You can still access your SD recordings like you always have been able to by viewing playback from the cloud event or from the live view (or alternately pulling the sd card). That has not changed. Those were always the only ways to get the sd recordings.

But in fairness many many people - me included - did not understand that SD card video was only retrieved through the timeline. It was and is non-obvious. So I understand the ongoing confusion as this reality hits home.

And, one has to wonder why Wyze makes it somewhat more difficult to pull data from the SD Card.

Pulling an SD Card, and copying it to my PC’s drive or my NAS can take a significant amount of time before I can return the SD card back to the camera. I suppose I could have two SD Cards for each camera, but that’s not something I care to do.

I wonder why I can’t simply access the SD Card in Windows Explorer on the network and move the data as needed.

I"m sure there are valid reasons, and look forward to why the SD drive isn’t accessible across the network.


As stated, WYZE outdoor cams no longer backup to base station microSD cards! I have been sending in logs to support for a month now.

WYZE just replied 3/29 ;
“I understand your Base Station is no longer backing up Event videos from your Wyze Cam Outdoor.

We are aware of the issue and currently investigating this. We have detected a bug in the app that disabled the MicroSD card backup function on the Wyze Base Station. No worries, our engineers are working triple time looking for a fix.

Once done and available, we will release a new update that will fix this specific issue.”


Interesting. I recall reading at one point that this was by design, that enabling Cam Plus on my WCOs, I lost the ability to backup to a SD Card in the Base Station. Do you have Cam Plus?


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