How to increase the record time of events

The “Longer Event Video Lengths” item in response 2 is “in development”, I don’t know what more this forum can do.

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Welcome to the community, @stepshu. Please see my comment in this thread.

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I really wish I would have seen this before I purchased all my cameras. The 12 sec video doesn’t provide much. Security is pretty much the only reason to have cameras. I’d pay a subscription to record longer but, if that isn’t in the works I think these are headed to ebay.

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Definitely need longer event notifications. I use camera to monitor inside the garage. When someone opens garage door 12 sec only record the door opening and not who entered. I may suggest to give user account free space in cloud (which you already doing by saving 12 sec clips) and let user manage the length of clips. I would agree if with that setup you will remove 14 days in cloud as your advertised because it is useless.


Cool product, not so cool 12 seconds recording with a 5 minutes cool off. Why can’t you upload to users’ dropbox or other cloud storage? I was about to recommend this to my friends, now I will be a detractor until you fix this.


There is a project underway for a paid subscription to remove the 12s/5m limitations: Paid Subscription For Cloud Storage

There is a #wishlist topic you can vote for about bring-your-own cloud storage: Cloud Storage on 3rd party Storage Providers

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I disagree with the "stolen or destroyed concern. I have a 32 GB card in my Wyze cam, If the camera is mounted out of reach (think 15 feet high under 2nd floor eaves) it won’t be stolen or destroyed. The 12 second recording would be OK if there were no "cooldown " time.

Which is precisely why all my outside mounted cameras are only accessible via a tall ladder. :slight_smile:


I doubt there is any actual “cooldown” of the camera from 12 seconds of recording, so why is there any cooldown time? Just have the camera record consecutive 12 second clips! Is that too much to ask?

You are right there is no actual ‘cooldown’ of the camera. The 5-minute cool down is to save on server costs since this is something they offer free of charge.


I would recommend checking out Loki’s comment in this thread. It’s #15.


Replies aren’t numbered as far as I can see. Do you mean a posting on 1/15 (assume 2019)?

If so, this posting by Loki (WyzeGwendolyn) is about finding events in continuous recording, not cooling off time.

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I’ll look . Their web site is a confusing mess to me. Takes me a long time to find what I am looking for.

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Replies aren’t numbered as far as I can see.

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Because of this problem, I just looked into Blink. They have a “cool down” period that is user set, from a minimum of 10 seconds to a maximum of 60 seconds. And their alert recording time is 60 seconds or when there is no more motion,
BUT, they don’t have a SDHC storage card feature in their cameras. Users can download the camera recordings, called “clips” from the cloud via email to themselves.
I see no reason for cloud storage when a 32 GB storage card is used in a camera. That’s sufficient to record several days of alerts. I review my card storage every couple days and delete it if it’s unremarkable

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What problem are you referring to? The cooldown period? You said that you’re using it with an SD card. You understand that the cooldown period doesn’t apply to SD recordings, right? It’s only for cloud recordings.

I own Blink cameras, too, and I’ll tell you that there are tradeoffs. For one thing, Blink cameras are battery-powered so there’s no continuous recording option at all. It also means that if you set it to record 60 seconds each time, instead of the default 5 seconds, your non-rechargeable batteries will last about a month, not two years. Their cloud recording is also limited to 2 hours total, and that’s shared between all your cameras.

The Blink cameras give me flexiblity in where to put them, since they’re battery powered, but the SD-card videos from the Blink cameras are usually much more useful, in my experience.

It’s also worth mentioning that Blink has more-or-less abandoned their product since Amazon bought them. They don’t really continue to add functionality improvements through the app and firmware, for one thing. They also had several products in the pipeline to create a product ecosystem, similar to Wyze, but literally every expansion product has been scrapped. The tech rumor mill says that Amazon was interested in their chipset technology moreso than the product itself, and based on what has happened since Amazon bought them, that seems to be true. Once Wyze releases their outdoor cameras, I plan to sell my Blink cameras.

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I’ll test that tomorrow. If that’s the case, I should get back-to-back 12 second recordings of continuous movement in front of the camera. I’ve never even tried to access my camera’s notification recordings in the cloud because I don’t know how to.

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You need to go to the “Playback” section in the app to see your SD card playback, not the “Events” section. You also need to make sure SD card recording is turned on.