How to get the wyze app to log you out of other devices?

My iPhone 14 was stolen last night

So now just for safes I’m wondering how I can get the app on the 14 to kick me out?

If I reset my password , does it log out all of the other accounts from the app ?

WHat you want to do is contact your Cell Phone provider so they can block it and prevent someone from registering it. They may even be able to send a wipe command if it is turned on.

Have you contacted Wyze Support to see if they can force a logout of the device?

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I’ve changed the password to my account , so now the app will force log out the account on the stolen phone correct ?

Are you sure that will work?

Did you have another device to test that theory on?

I would expect it to behave as you stated, but I would want to be 100% sure

Changing your password may not cause all your devices to immediately need to re-authenticate.

Please email and ask them to reset your account.


I spoke to support and the agent told me that yes changing the password to my wyze account through the app or on the website will force log out the accounts I’m signed into on other devices

Yes , before I changed the password I was signed into my wyze account on the app on both an iPhone 8 and ZTE .

When I changed the password through the app on the iPhone 8, the wyze app on the ZTE kicked me out automatically so yes it was able to work

PSA: for everyone who would like to know , per a wyze employee @WyzeGwendolyn has confirmed this via Discord.