How to get something recorded a few days ago off my camera

I was wondering if there was a way to get something that was recorded off of my camera a couple days ago onto my computer or another way to get the video of the play back I want off my camera or even off the app on my phone. Hope this makes sense

Can you view what you want in Playback?

I can but I was wondering how I can get it saved.

There is a record button on the same screen that you view the playback. View the playback and press the record button where you want the recording to start (the button will change to a stop button ) and then press it again when you want it to stop.

says access denied :frowning:

I’ve never seen that, so options are to wait and see if someone else can jump in here and help that knows the answer to that one or file a trouble ticket with Wyze. If you want to file a trouble ticket, simply click My Account=>Help & Feedback=>Report an Issue.

You won’t get the record option if your a “shared” user.

thank you so much i actually figured out it was a switch of setting.

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What setting? I am getting the same thing - looked all over, cannot figure what setting.