How To Get Rid of Phantom/Ghost Schedule Rule That Was Deleted on Cam V3?

Previously deleted a schedule rule. Deleted it.
Thought I had reset cam v3.
basically was only triggering on or off; but phantom/ghost rule kept on turning on/off camera.

tried creating a new rule/schedule for all days, from 1200 a.m. to 11:59 pm, but the camera still turns off around 3 pm every day.

How to I completely get rid of ghost rule or reset the camera to factory default?


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Unfortunately, the Rules being executed on the cam aren’t on the Cam itself. They are saved on and executed from the server.

If you have rules associated with that cam that were deleted and still run, I’m not sure a factory reset will do what you want but you can try. It may be necessary to delete it from the app first, in which case all prior video Event history and settings will be deleted as well.

A V3 Factory Reset is removing the SD Card and holding down in the Setup button for 10 seconds or until it reboots. Then you will need to install it again from the app.

If rules are on server, how does one remove cam on server completely?

Delete it from the app and do a total new reinstall. I would wait a bit to reinstall it to be sure the server has time to clear everything.