How to get four screens viewed at once on Android TV?

Finally got around to setting up Android TV on my 4K TV. I wish I had sooner. In any case, the Wyze app on Android TV works pretty good. I wish it could be a clearer resolution but the main issue I would like to resolve is how to get all four cam screens on my TV at once. I don’t want to have to buy sensors and have to turn my TV sideways. Multiple viewing works great on my other Android devices, such as tablet, phone and emulators, when I turn them sideways. ( I can see four screens if i scroll down.)

Is that the Wyze app? Have you tried sideloading another version of it?

I have a new Android TV but I will continue to leave it disconnected from the Internet forever. My TV has no place phoning home to its manufacturer and downloading new ads to display on its home screen. That’s what I use Amazon for. :wink: