How to explain finding the event and saving the clip…for customers who have not engaged Wyze management

I have customers that have V3 cameras and are not subscribers to WYZE management. And are having difficulty with finding events and saving them to the event folder. Personally I’m having trouble finding events that I just got a notification about. Very time-consuming and aggravating. Scrubbing to find that that should be so much easier Than it is And perhaps it’s just because of a lack of information. I appreciate any help you can give that I can pass on to my wise customers.

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If you don’t subscribe you don’t get specific identifications as to whether the alert is based on person, package, vehicle, etc. But you still get the alert. But also you get an alert once only every 5 minutes, (which could also be a godsend, lol).

Cam Plus Lite (your $ offering to support Wyze per month, or zero dollars if you don’t want to support Wyze at all). Limited to older cams where they promised free person-detection for the most part, but later expanded to cams they never promised free person-detection!

As far as finding new events, if the app is loaded be sure to pull down to refresh.

Cam Plus – for cams they never promised free person detection on. In this case, you can still get motion detections for free, just not specific, person, package, pets, or vehicle identifications.

There’s also facial recognitions in the mix if you want them.