How to delete Circle with big solid dot inside of it on bottom right

I view my cam 3 on my Amazon fire tablet.
It has worked OK for years.
I am using the app Tiny Cam Pro on my fire tablet
Today there is a compass-looking circle with a solid big dot in the bottom right on my tablet. This circle and dot do NOT appear on any other camera display or an any other fire tablet nor on my iMac using the Wyze app.
How do I get rid of this circle and dot ???
This might be a fire tablet issue or a Tiny Cam Pro issue.
Is there a setting on the fire tablet that could cause this.
Thank You in advance for your help

Can you post a screen capture so we can tell what you’re talking about?

Great idea you had. So I postednthe above photo.
Are you a ham radio operator?
K6CCC ???

That’s not coming from Wyze. Since you have several different systems that the video is passing through, hopefully someone who uses either of those will recognize if and know what to do about it - I don’t.

Yes, I have been a ham radio operator since 1977. I’ve had this call for around 25 years. I use it on most forums, and it’s interesting who see who pops up and recognizes it as a ham radio callsign.

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I have been a ham myself licensed continuously since 1952.
It’s a great hobby. I’ve enjoyed it lot.

de N0YD, “Yankee Doodle”

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Wow! And I thought 1972 was a long time ago. :open_mouth: The good old days of CW code requirements. :grin:

This is a feature of Tiny Cam for use as a navigational D-Pad for PTZ Cams.

You need to find the toolbar to shut it off. I don’t use a tablet, but on my phone it is brought into view by clicking on the image. Then the button to make it appear or disappear can be toggled.


Yes. I started as a Novice at 5 WPM.
After 3 months of activity of all Code contacts, I was able to copy 15 WPM.
I only needed 13 WPM to get my General License.
I was 14 years old when I got the Novice License.
Ham radio lead me into Electrical Engineering in college.
I worked 40 years as a computer software and hardware engineer.
Ham radio was a good hobby for me, and still is.
I am still active on 20 Meters phone.

      • de N0̷YD, “Yankee Doodle”

Thank you very much.
I followed your easy instructions and the circle is GONE.
I touched the picture. The icon came up at the bottom.
I clicked it and the circle is gone.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and solving my problem,
This forum is wonderful.


I think so too!

Glad you found an easy solution!

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