How to avoid wide slider door tracks and not fall in them?

I got some excellent advice here yesterday, hopefully someone has found a solution for this problem too? I have four large glass sliders, thus it causes the tracks to be wide for of the doors… too wide that the vacuum gets stuck when it pops over the ledge and can’t get back out. It’s also too shallow for the vacuum to sense a cliff (I know it can sense drop offs because it just did my bathroom and didn’t fall into my shower, high five). For now when it cleans that area I have to babysit it and I grab a box when it goes to that area so it can sense a wall and not fall on the track. I thought that would “train” it but it didn’t, lol. Is there any sort of tape I could put down, maybe black tape to trick it into think there is a class so it won’t go past the edge?

Now, I know that closing the blinds would work to create that “wall”. I have the standard two door sliders in my bedroom and the blinds were closed and it didn’t try pushing past the blinds but those blinds are maybe an inch from the track. Because of the way the sliders are in the family room, there is actually a 6 inch gap between the door tracks and the vertical blinds when they’re closed. Because my kids and the dog area are constantly in that area going in and out, I need that floor area cleaned… otherwise I would just close the blinds to run the vacuum. I’ve thought about doing an invisible wall but I am not sure it would be exact enough to get that edge.

Any suggestions? Thanks all!

Yes, black tape has been reported to simulate a cliff and stop the vacuum.