How this event has been missed? (Resolved)

No event recorded in the event tab with this event some minutes ago. Server down? 2 V3s on camplus and a v2 with PD.

Reolink lumus cam: that’s the one that alerted me.

Can’t think of any excuses besides possible aftershocks from yesterday’s AWS attack.

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I found the issue. After installing a new beta application (2.27.11(5)) 2 hours ago, all my event recording toggles have been switched to OFF. Yet this is not the first time that this has happened. I should have thought about it before. Not proud of me😜


That will do it!
Curious, what are those four “larger than a trash can” objects alongside the driveway?

Fence with canvas to protect my shrubs from snow.

Ah, makes sense. Snow is not an issue here in So Cal.