How much signal strength is needed fo V2 time lapse download?

I’ve got 5 V2 cams, all running with Wyze 32GB SD cards, One is at the opposite corner of the house from the router and although reporting 70% signal strength has not been able to download a time-lapse video. Real time viewing is fine,
Attempting to process the time lapse invariably caused the message “must be on same network” to pop up after processing a varied amount. Usually after 200GB or so.
Then the card does not show the video as being valid.
Pulling the card and putting it in my laptop lets me access the video .h264 using VLC.
Is there some minimum signal strength for reliability?

If you can see the stream you should be able to download the lapse. I haven’t run into this problem.

what the signal strength of the camera?

The signal strength as reported by the camera was 70%.