How many reps does it take to deal with one ticket?

In less than a week I counted 7 (seven) CSRs dealing with my ticket, unfortunately none of them have a solutions (see my other posts) for a problem that many of us are experiencing for over a year.

Also, I’m really fed up with the cutiee/super niceee canned responses - FIX WHAT WE ARE PAYING FOR!

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What problem are you experiencing that was reported in a support ticket? (more details the better)
Is this regarding something specific to your device(s)? Is it something affecting everyone that is a known bug? Can you copy any of the responses you’ve received?

Can you post the support ticket number(s)? We can probably have someone check into what’s going on or why your issue hasn’t been resolved, but we’d need the support ticket number and a brief explanation of what kind of issue it is the support ticket is about and why the resolution is unsatisfactory.

I’ve rarely to never had issues with support. At worst they’ve passed my issues on to tier 2 support, who then contacts me back after they’ve had a chance to review the logs, etc and resolves the issue one way or another. Answer the above questions and someone can look into it because that’s not typical.

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