How many cameras in a group is enough?

I started off with 5 v3’s and now I’m up to 7 and plan on adding 3 more .

When i was viewing my first group of 5 cameras , I didn’t seem to have any issues

Only when I added 2 more to make it 7 and now I constantly deal with lagging , freezing , and constant buffering , etc .

I pay for a 300 mbps download and 10 mbps upload speeds plan from xfinity.

I upgraded to my own personal modem and router . I got the tp link deco x60 2 pack

So is it possible that having 7 cameras in 1 group viewing them simultaneously at the same time is causing the issue or is it my internet equipment ?

Unlikely. If you are watching from some thing other than the same WiFi that the cameras are on, your uplink speed will be the limit, but I would not expect 7 cameras would max out your somewhat slow uplink speed. If you are watching from the same WiFi, the video never leaves your location.
I have watched far more that at the same time, but my uplink is Gigabit (yes, I’m spoiled with that).

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Well then it’s gotta be my router. It seems to be losing connection , signal strength weakening , and slow speeds .


Could be…

Any ideas here ? I do not know much about this stuff tbh .

I have 1 unit that’s backhauled to my modem on the first level and another unit that’s upstairs in my room that’s connected by wifi only (for now)

I’ve noticed that the signal strength has dropped massively , weakened signal , slow speeds , etc .

It does almost seem as if your cameras don’t know your phone is on the same network.

The phone IS on the same WiFi as the cameras, right? Because if it’s only on 3G/LTE mobile data then the cameras WOULD be eating up your upstream bandwidth.

I note you had another thread on this at



How are you viewing 7 cameras “simultaneously”?
With the app I only get 4 cameras at a time, max.
Tinycam let me view more but I stopped using that.

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I have 7 cameras in a group .

I misspoke , I use an iPhone 11 , and on my phone screen I can only view 4 as well but I will lower the screen to go to the other 4 so yea you’re right . I can only view 4 .

I keep hearing about tiny cam , what is it and is it useful ?

Android app for cameras. Supports many brands of cameras including some closed “cloud” systems like Wyze’s, which is a VERY unusual feature. Free version almost as good as the paid version. Can display many cameras at once from mixed vendors. Also avoids having to use the Wyze app at all.

Lots of great features to tinker with too. I have my tablet monitoring multiple cams and itself acting as an additional video source through the tablet’s front camera. Pro version (like $2-$4) has a built in web server so you can spread the feeds anywhere.


I have been having the same issue on and off for the past several months, and after trying all the reboots/restarts I just gave up and usually waited for the problem to resolve itself.

FWIW, today after experiencing the same frustrating problem I tried something different: I grabbed a Wifi Analyzer app to check wifi channel traffic, and sure enough my 2.4/5ghz bands were on crowded channels. I manually switched my router over to a couple unused ones and the problem resolved itself instantly! Give it a try and hopefully this will fix your problem just like it did mine.

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How did you do that?

I know nothing about this kind of stuff…

I wish it were easy to explain but each router manufacturer offers a different UI so it’s impossible for me to thoroughly explain how to do it on your end with whatever hardware you have. For example, I have a Synology router which has a VASTLY different user interface from a Netgear router…

Generally though, you want to login to your router and find your Wifi/Wireless settings. This will be the place where you can set your SSID and Wifi password. Additionally, and most likely, this is where you’ll be able to manually set your 5ghz and 2.4ghz channels. They’re usually set to “Auto,” but you should be presented with a dropdown box of different channel options to manually set each wifi band to.

To find a suitable channel, I recommend (at least on Android) that you install “WifiAnalyzer (open source)” and view the Channel Rating tab to see which 2.4 and 5ghz channels are the best for you to switch to.

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