How long to wait for V3's and V2's to recover?

I’ve about 10 V2&V3’s monitoring a house with POOR internet. 0.7Mbps up or less. All are running the latest Beta. The house also is on a moderately poor rural power grid. The electricity goes off for 1 minute to 30 minutes about twice a month. The router and modem are on good UPS, so they stay up for an hour or so after power loss.
USUALLY the cameras come back on line when the power is restored.
Sometimes one or two don’t.
Sometimes I would give up after several hours and physically unplug/replug offending cameras.
The house is about 850 miles from where I am now sitting, so manually rebooting is a no-go.

Yesterday (7/14) they were all accessible at 10:00 a.m. EDT or so, I gathered a snapshot from each of them. Later, ~ 9 p.m. EDT they were all down and were so until at least 11 p.m. I lined up with my BIL for him to do an hour plus road trip to turn them on if need be.
This morning they were all back.
So what is a reasonable amount of time to let them recover?

Pay your BIL a retainer … :grin:

IMO: Considering your location challenges I’d probably be supplementing with cheap UPS units on important cameras and look into Starlink availability.

How is cell coverage there?

It is sad that some areas have to still experience that slow of DSL.

Don’t ask me how they did it but I have fiber in the sticks at 100/50 megabit.

I think a “reasonable amount of time to let them recover” is 90 seconds. Any more than that and you’re really just waiting for the next power disturbance to cause another random reboot.

UPSes are the best approach. But you can also see if some smart power outlets (Wyze plug or other) can recover better than the cameras, and then use the smart plug to power cycle the camera.

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You need to get some wifi plugs gosund smart plug we use them at all our remote sites we bought them on Amazon get the 4 pack the app is called smart life I think there about $28.00… do not buy the wyze plug there junk,plus the gosund is much better very easy to set up… we have over 56 in service some are about 2 years old…im really surprised that the cameras are even working with the very little band with

I can usually reliably “run” 2 or 3 cameras at a time on SD mode when I’m not on the “home network”. If I activate more at SD I start getting errors. My operational mode is to run the 2 most important cams 24/7 and daily or so check in on the others by ONE-BY-ONE turning one on , getting a look-see and turning it off, then repeating the process for the next one.

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