How long do it take from camera to phone

I had question of the time from sensor to alexa voice. So I setup mine high tech and very costly ($10) RTL SDR dongle. It a tv for aisia tv but with software you can see 28khz to 1.7 ghz.

I can see it around 4 to 5 sec round trip to hit Alexa

when it came back to app and Alexa

I hope this answer some question how long it takes for a round trip.

I haven’t played with my RTL SDR dongle in a while now. Course I mostly used it to track aircraft via ADS-B. Built my own antenna and could see aircraft from Columbia, SC to West Virginia, and west to Knoxville, TN. I could watch them test the new Honda Jet flying out of Greensboro, NC up to the northwest corner of NC, flying is vast circles with lots of altitude changes.

I was listen to a cop that turn bad. The cop side said on radio let it burn as the cabin burn from tear gas. I did the Hosp pager. List to the very big amp CBer from the from the plains. Do sstv from ISS Russian stamps. I was trying to get it ready to track satellite. I need to sign up for or start listen to websdr. Got to fine out if VOA radiogram back on the air. The problem is the loptop dual core and I need get a new one. When I got mine ham radio I went outside to listen to iss and voice came back. Stupit me it was the iss and I didn’t not say nothing.

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