How is this a person?

Seriously asking , how does the AI actually think this is a person?

Which object in the field of view is being identified as a person?

The white dust particle or spider web ? Seems to be triggering the AI a lot lately…

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No. That is the movement that is triggering the Motion Detection.

Anything in the frame could be what the AI is confusing as a person. The far tree, the near tree, the shadows… the spider web.

I will agree with you that there is no person and the AI should not have tagged it as such, but there is no way to tell what object it actually tagged, only what motion activated the recording.


Not sure what is in frame that could make the AI think that theirs a person ?

Nothing in my opinion. I am sure you will agree. But you can’t say with any certainty what it actually was as tagged objects are not marked, only motion objects.

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I hope they send us out that detection update soon! They told us a while ago they were working on something to actually tag detections so we would finally know what it thought was a person/pet/package/vehicle. That will be a very welcome update, especially for us volunteers to help people figure out how to reduce their false detections once we can finally identify what exactly is causing the false detections. Right now we’re still all just guessing. :rofl:


I think it might be the spiderweb or what have you in the bottom right. There was a spot in the video it kinda looked like those ‘ghostly figures’ in paranormal videos.

But, that’s just a guess. Do you have the option to report that as an incorrect tag? Is that still a thing?

Sure. Wen you are reviewing a notification clip, look st the bottom of the screen. Where it says “Help us improve Wyze AI”, click ‘yes’, unselect ‘person’ or whatever is wrong, and select what is right. :slight_smile:


Like everyone says it is really hard to tell what it is identifying as a person since it only tags what causes the motion. However I would guess it is the faint darker area on the white patch of the grass. That would be my only guess. I also would love to see what the actual AI triggers on.

I just guess it’s this.


When my front cam kept sending me PD notifications from motion events activated by moving cars, I started tweaking the detection zone blocking out one object at a time. Finally determined that my mailbox with a large bush in front was my phantom person.


Don’t take mine too seriously, I just wanted to play for fun, so I made it full screen, then took a screenshot, then zoomed in and looked for anything that resembled human shape zoomed in just for fun:

I’m sure there are other things throughout the whole video, I just took the initial frame.

Definitely look forward to the AI being able to tell us what it thinks, but it is well known that AI’s struggle more with object recognition in low light conditions, especially since people will report dark or over-exposed objects as people in low light conditions because they can tell from the motion that it’s a person, but the AI is only analyzing a still frame, so it’s harder for it to tell. Then sometimes it thinks different dark or shadowy things or overexposed objects are humans because so many people think it should’ve identified similar things as people in low light conditions.

It’s a rough thing to balance.


I’ve blocked off this tree and it’s successfully reduced the false person detection. Since I blocked it out I haven’t received 1 false person notification …

Will report later on to see if this was the case . Thanks


That sounds great. I honestly didn’t think it was going to be quite that simple.

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Here are 2 statements:

I thought there was another public statement about this somewhere but I only found these 2 with a simple search, so it might’ve been in a live discussion or I just missed finding it with my brief search.


That looks like a mini me crime scene outline, lol. :wink:

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Of a Flooglie from Spy Kids.


Maybe it thinks this is the leg of a person walking.

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