How is Flashing firmware different than just installing update?

I have not been able to download event videos from my 4 WCO for 2 weeks. I just updated the firmware (new version) for cam and base on 3-9-21. The latest email from support said to flash the firmware. How is it different???

It’s not?

Well it looks like a pain in the a** to take down the cams and use the SD card method but I guess I will have to give it a try, nothing else has worked. I think it is a cam plus issue but we’ll see if this adventure changes anything. I just love dragging the ladder around :open_mouth:

I may have heard that in the beta program they allow you to change firmware versions up and down (without ladders). Not sure.

I was a fool and went through the procedure of flashing all 4 cams and the base with the same firmware I upgraded to 2 days ago, no difference at all. Ladder is back in his bed.

For a firmware update, you don’t need to touch the camera or use the SD card, you just flash the firmware from the app. The only time you need the SD card method is to reflash the same, older, or custom firmware like the RTSP firmware.

Yes I know how to update the firmware from the app. I said I just did it on 9 March. Support sent the procedure to do it via the SD card. I am just trying all to resolve my issues with event downloads which stopped working a few weeks ago.

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Yes, support will instruct us to use a SD card to load a designated (usually older) Firmware version. They just follow a set of instructions. Eventually, under warranty, they may agree to provide a replacement… if pressed. In general, they are reactive, not proactive.