How I learned to help other Wzye Assessors

…wean themselves from their codependent and enabling behavior.

By reposting this quote. That’s how I did it.

Case closed. :books:

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The wise old :raccoon: King who lives in the storm drain across the street told me “You need to learn how to help yourself before helping others”. :rofl:

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Two questions. How long does a cock crow? Is it easy to teach a dog to fetch a ball and drop it at your feet?

Let’s get back to the basics. :slight_smile:

  1. Did you know that there are actually people who seek out roosters that have really long crows? These birds can go on for as long as 15 seconds. One breed called the Drenica can crow for up to 30 seconds!
  2. Depends on how smart the dog is and if it is interested.

I did not, thanks!

Dogs sometimes get feisty with me when I’m walking along the fence outside their dog park. Run up like they’re gonna crash through the bars and maul me. It’s kinda cute. They look so committed. :grin:

Unless they are Pit Bulls, the only dogs I dislike with a passion. I’m sure there may be good ones out there but I have never seen or encountered a “Good” one. :face_exhaling:

Yeah, that might be a test of my bravado, steel fence or no. These seemed like ‘good dogs’ playing ‘got ya to jump.’ :slight_smile:

Here’s a good topic title for someone who just can’t give it up:

Cracking Wyze

Public domain. Do it justice. :slight_smile: