How I finally worked around the doorbell notification flaw

Prof Finder ($2.99) I just found this app yesterday and installed it because I wanted different notification sounds played for different notifications from my Wyze app. It works by reading the notifications that get displayed on your phone. I recommend turning on your notifications history so that you can go back and create new events from your history. The Prof app will also display the last two notifications when you are setting up the option. You’ll need them because you’ll need to know the wording to get it set up right. So originally, for 5 minutes, I was happy that my doorbell now dinged when the button was pressed. However, I took it one step further. I also downloaded a program called “Narrators Voice” (Heavy ad’s but free and does the job). The narrator app lets you type in a phrase and it will speak it out. Then you have the option of saving an mp3 file of the phrase. Once saved, go back to Prof Reminder and choose the new file for your sound. Right now, I have it set up for Wyze to notify me of the door locking, unlocking, and someone ringing the doorbell with 3 different phrases. “The door was unlocked”. “The door was locked”. “Someone is ringing the doorbell”. I also set it up to distinguish by voice my garage door opening and closing, along with a voice that reminds me that the door is still open. Plus, with the life360 app, It now tells me who has arrived at home by voice for each person. This eliminates the need to constantly pick up your phone to see what the notification was for. I had different sounds for each app, but not each event. Now I do. The app has other features that might be helpful for other users like a repeat notification option that you can set up duration and time between. It took a bit to get it set up and working right, but now that I do, the possibilities are endless. There might be another option that is free but after 2 months of searching, this is whats working for me.


Very clever! Great ideas!

Is that a Android or Iphone app?

Sorry, found it on the Play Store for Android.