How far back does the camera storage that has SD card inserted go back when the cam is set on continuous record/capture

I am in need of a capture that happened on the 12th of last month October 2020, there is a micro sd card inserted and the cam settings are person and motion detection. I tried to scroll back but it says camera not connected/ poor connection switch to sd viewing or something like that.

Hello @macklooney74 and welcome to the community.

The amount of video retained on the SD card will depend on the size of the card and whether it is set to Events Only or Continuous. To get to the SD card recordings click ‘View Playback’ at the bottom of the live view screen.

The message about poor connection is telling you to switch your quality (upper left of the live view image) to SD or 360 from HD as the signal is not good enough to stream at the time.

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Above all take that card out of the camera NOW or at the very least turn off recording. It is not very likely you’ve got a month’s history but it’s possible. Every day you keep recording makes it more likely it will get overwritten.

I’ve found SD cards and Wyze to be a fool’s errand - they don’t work - but you might get lucky. Stick the card in a PC and review the contents. Use VLC if necessary to view videos.