How does this company stay in business, outdoor camera is a piece of crap and so is the cam plus service

So I have bought 8 cameras from this horrible company and 5 of them had to be returned, thrown away or I had to perform firmware downgrades. I purchased the outdoor cam and has the cam plus on it. Guess what, nothing works. Have to reset the camera at least 2 times a day and the cam plus on it is a joke. It will record a video and I try to look at it and it says there was a problem and then it stops recording. All the service tells you to do is reset it, what is the point of a security camera if you have to reset it all the time. Crappy product, company and service ce

Tell us :rofl: We like the WCO

It’s possible you’ve just had a bad run of luck, or possibly your network isn’t stable. I’ve got several cameras (V2, V3, outdoor, pan v1) and haven’t had an issue with any of them that couldn’t be resolved through the forum or Wyze support. I’ve never had to reset my cameras multiple times a day, or even daily. The last time was about 3 weeks ago and it was after an update to my home network.

Can you view the recordings in the event tab? Which cameras are you having issues with? What is your network setup like? Providing more details can help other forum users help you get everything working properly.


I agree with your feelings on the WCO, that’s why after reading the specs and seeing the bad comments and user issues I decided not to buy a WCO.

The same with the video doorbell, too many issues.

But the V2’s, V3’s and v1 pan cam all with CamPlus unlimited I am satisfied with their performance.

There are occasionally issues, but they’re usually easily resolved.

WYZE did almost go bankrupt, there is a video about that (search this forum for thread and video) so they had to change their business strategy.

But for me I am ONLY interested in the cameras specifically V3 camera’s now and have more than enough so my only money to WYZE now is for CamPlus unlimited.

The rest of their Cheap products do not interest me in the slightest, All junk in my opinion.

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Welcome to the community @kayakwb . I am a community member like you and a beta tester for products as well.

My experience has been the same as @towelkingdom. I have multiple camera’s v2, v3, WCO, and Camp Pan v2. I don;t have issues with these camera’s nor have to reset them multiple times a day. CamPlus has been working great for me and notifying frequently and quickly to the point when I am notified I can click on the camera and see what is going on.

I had Arlo, Ring, and Eufy as well. They all had their share of problems. I have had issues with some wyze Camera’s in the past. This issue turned out to be related to my router and the ability to stream multiple camera’s at once or being able to maintain a stream thereby looking like the camera was not working. I switched my router and everything is stable and working flawlessly. So to echo what @towelkingdom stated, it could be your router or even network inteference.

I had the TPLink Deco P7, the upgraded to the TPLink Deco X60, and finally settled on the ASUS ZenWiFi AX XT8

Could you take screen shots of your WCO settings page to incude the Event Setting, Detection Settings, and Notification Settings. Also provide an image of how you have the cameras detection area and how it is hooked up. Is it upside down?

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I personally like the WCO but do understand it will not fit everyone’s needs. I am currently running 6 of them and do not really have issues. I also have a video doorbell and I have had what I would call minor issues with it, I may go with the Doorbell Pro instead once I see some reviews on it.


Curious on what minor issue you are having with the doorbell? I have one and it seems to be functioning fine for me. Was thinking about the Pro version, but can’t really justify it.

Don’t want this thread to be about the Doorbell, if you want to DM me, that would be fine as well.

Was interested in video doorbell pro but once I found out that it had no SD card as a backup as CamPlus had missed things that SD did capture.

The fact that video doorbell pro has No SD is a deal breaker for me.

So from here on out WYZE will only see the $99/yr. from me for the CamPlus Unlimited. Unless they create a new camera that meets my expectations, a higher resolution cam or a license plate reader cam, etc… And those devices will also require a SD card too.

I really would have liked the SD card option for it, but for me it isn’t a deal breaker because you pass 2 other cams with SD cards to get to my door.


That makes sense but I still prefer an SD card in all cameras. They would pass 5 cams getting to door at my place and all have SD cards.

But I want SD cards in all my cameras :crazy_face:

That is definitely understandable, and a good reason why it is a deal breaker for you.

And here is the reason why I want SD cards in All Wyze cameras, made a post about CamPlus missing events.

CamPlus does miss events, that is why an SD card is a necessity

Interesting we currently have 4 sites each site has 4 wireless cameras with solar panels and each site has 2 V3 with spotlight kits outside and inside we have 2 V2,2 PTZ all cameras are on cam + and all cameras have SD cards and our service technicians have had no issues at all only 1 issue new V3 camera did not have the contact switch on the board to connect the camera. All sites are on UPS system,plus we offer the wyze cameras to all of our customers alot of them are seniors so we maintain their camera system for a fee and there so happy that they know if they have a problem they just call us and we Dispatch a service technician to there location. Most of them are on SSI or low income so Wyze was the answer to those seniors.