How does the hold work

I have a schedule setup but at times would like to override it to have the temp set to 68 regardless of the schedule until 6:45 PM. I set the temp at 6am and attempt to use “hold” to keep it there all day but it wont allow me to choose PM and have it stick. When I choose PM a second later it slides back to AM - Must be I’m using it wrong?

Try setting the end date and the time, not just the time.

Nope thats not working for me. Still same thing. Slide it to PM and it moves itself back to AM PM wont stick

No idea then. Each of the 3 columns should be independently scroll-able and stick where you let go - at least that’s what it does for me. Maybe you have some sort of app on your phone that is interfering?

Does anyone else use hold?

I tried using Chat support on this. but they obviously were doing other things while “trying” to help me (they questions asked were too basic cut paste with looong pauses in between) then I mistakenly closed the window.

So does anyone else use the iPhone app to use hold? I can not change the AM/PM to opposite of what I am in (AM wont do PM and PM wont do AM) - it Does work if I do AM to AM - I really feel this is an app issue but cant get anyone else to test it

I confirm that the Wyze app on my iPhone will not allow me to set the AM/PM option to PM. It flips back to AM as soon as I take my finger off the screen. Current time is AM.

Sounds like a problem with the iOS version then. Android is fine.
I’ll @WyzeChuan so that they can verify and escalate this.

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Hi, @speadie is correct. It is an IOS issue we are currently fixing. It can be fixed on the flight. should be done this week


Hey Wyze Team, Whats the status of this fix?

new app update relased today, this is not fixed!!