How does the close/far slider actually function?


Got curious about something… how does the close/far slider actually function for the outdoor cam and is it the same for the other cams?

What I am most curious about this and what got me thinking is there is also a sensitivity setting. So, what I’m curious about is for the distance setting, if I have the camera say 2 feet away from what I want to detect a video for, is it detrimental to put the slider closer to “far” or is it better to set it near the “close” side? I was originally thinking this was like a sensitivity type setting but then… why is there also a sensitivity setting??? LOL I guess what I’m asking is that if you have the slider set to say “80” is it NOT going to detect something that is very close to the camera? Or, does a setting of “80” just make the distance more sensitive so it will BETTER detect something just a couple feet away from the camera?

What I’m doing is I have cameras setup in an attic of a house and the cameras are about 1 to 2 feet away from mouse traps. Is it best to set the distance at say “20” or is it best to set it to like “80” to get better detection? There is ZERO movement in an attic… no wind moving anything, no sun causing shading and bright spots, nothing like that so if there is any movement at all, I want to see it :slight_smile: I just want to make sure I’m not outsmarting myself by setting to 50 or 60 when the camera is only about 2 feet away from the trap. It seemed when I first installed these I was getting a lot of motion notifications. I didn’t change anything but then the notifications went to nothing even though I was catching mice in the traps. Now, to complicate things, I was having problems with the cameras streaming video (which seems to have magically fixed itself as of today) so not sure if that issue was causing my lack of notifications or what but it got me thinking about what exactly the slider for close/far is doing and if I might be outsmarting myself by moving it closer to FAR in an attempt to better catch motion on something that is actually very close to the camera!