How do you use the Pan in your home security setup?


I’ve been working on getting my security setup done for my home, using Wyzecams. At the moment, I have four V2s and one Pan. I’m planning more V2s (or probably V3s now that it’s come out), but for right now, I have the V2s placed monitoring each of the doors. There are some more locations I’ll probably cover with V3s. My system is that every time I go to Home Depot to get something for one of my wife’s projects, I pick up another camera!

Anyway, my problem is how to integrate the Pan into the system. Where do you guys put them? How do the integrate into your overall system? What is the mission that you use them to fill? I’m sure there’s a perfect application for it, I just haven’t figured it out. Oh, and don’t ask why I bought it, without having a goal in mind for it. LOL…


I bought two Pan cameras and expect I will never buy another. I pretty much just use them as fixed cameras. Exceedingly rarely do I ever move one.