How do i save recordings easiest?

I need to get some events over the last 2 weeks onto my memory card to use in court. How do I do this without having to manually find that specific 20 second video throughout a 24 hour day? Its very frustrating using the bar at the bottom of the video to navigate. Is there any way that events can be saved easier? I have two Wyzecams V3s and watching on a Apple XS.

Pull the cards, copy to a computer, then place the cards back in the camera so it’s ready to record to local storage again. Now view the files in the computer with vlc or something similar. Easyier to scrub, just need to sift through all the single one minute files looking for what you need to. Also easy to backup onto a computer so there is no worry of loosing when it is overwritten while in the camera.

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Did you have “Event recording” turned on?
If so look for it by the time.
If not turn it on, it’ll record a short clip to the cloud.

I lost the memory card in my grass today. Is anything stored within the camera itself?

I do have Cam Plus. How do I access the videos sent to the cloud?

Nothing is stored in the camera, just in the cloud and on the SD card

The videos sent to the cloud are available for 14 days and found under the ‘Events’ tab